Reverse Migration | The Association
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Our goal:

To provide a humane and sustainable solution for African economic migrants who have little to no chance of asylum in Austria. We want to promote the economy in the African developing country and therefore create jobs. Stable jobs allow asylum seekers to return safely to their home country.

Our approach:

To boost the economy in African developing countries through public-private partnerships. As a result, rise of new jobs that provide sustainable livelihoods.

Our measures:

Supporting Austrian and international companies in setting up a branch or production facility in Africa. Already established Austrian and international companies, we relieve by taking over the training costs and other costs incurred in that time such as food and accommodation expenses of the asylum seeker. Support for asylum seekers returning to their home country through practice-oriented, dual education. Guarantee of fixed employment in the home country after completing the job training.


wir helfen

We help.

Reverse Migration is a non-profit organisation. We develop and implement projects to counteract economic migration by investing in the country of origin as well as in the prevailing education system. No one should have to leave home.

Business and Development Platform

We are developing concepts that work.

Currently, in African developing countries there are not enough jobs that provide a basis for a secure livelihood. We believe that through the formation of sustainable value chains in the developing country, the situation will improve. That is why we develop, initiate and support economic projects of private European companies in Africa.

Successful teamwork..


Dr. Michael Spindelegger
Director General International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)

Michael Dichand
CEO Kronenzeitung

Ketson Egbon
CEO Reverse Migration Operations GmbH


Mag. Andreas Gebauer
CEO Stv. Finanzvorstand

Mag. Gerhard Sindelar

Roberta Sindelar

Otto Hirsch
CEO Hirsch International

Rev. Prof. Dr. Christian Anieke
Founder und Dean Godfrey Okoye University


Bianca Dutra Sena
Project Management

Fausia S. Abdoel
Marketing and Communications

Michael Obayelu
Outreach Coordination

Dr. Christian Horak
External Consultant, Management Contrast Ernst & Young

Dr. Julia Raupp
External Consultant, Management Contrast Ernst & Young