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You see now as the right time to be entrepreneurially active in Africa? Reverse Migration supports you in your enterprise. The placement of suitable staff with excellent national knowledge is one of the many services we can offer you.

Service Range

Focus Africa

Due to the strong points of Africa, hurdles on the way to this continent are repeatedly perceived. Reverse Migration offers ” Africa competence ” in the sense of market knowledge, an eye for the chances of entering the market, know-how in business development and dealing with Africa-specific risks.

The Reverse Migration Service Palette:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Due diligence
  • Creation of a business plan
  • Financing models
  • Model Private-Public Partnerships
  • Demonstration of national and international funding opportunities
  • Development of strategic partnerships
  • Assistance in finding a suitable location for your office
  • Implementation of the company in the target country (approvals, communication with the authorities, targeted application)
  • Network at political level
  • Recruitment staff

If you are interested in our range of services please send us the completed CONTACT FORM

Training Programme

Staff with national knowledge – educated in Europe and Africa

The Reverse Migration training programme is tailored to the core fields of the cooperating companies. In this way, Reverse Migration guarantees that asylum seekers who complete the programme, can be easily integrated into the work process of a partner company.

African National Training Centers are not comparable to European standards. Reverse migration relies on a simplified model of apprenticeship training practiced in Austria and Germany and offers it as a dual programme. The training takes place at two learning locations, the practical part is provided to the asylum seekers in the company in Europe and the theoretical part is taken over by a local teaching institution. Both teaching levels work according to the national standards. The programme provides both training in country of immigration and in the country of origin.

A partner company of Reverse Migration can actively participate in the dual training programme and the training of asylum seekers in Europe and / or in the African branch.

Reverse Migration informs detailed about the processes and national and international funding institutions that support such assistance.


Employment Model

Insider knowledge

When setting up branches or production sites abroad, companies are always on the lookout for qualified employees with knowledge of the country.

A Reverse Migration Partner company does not need to provide a training place. The collaboration can also lead to a job guarantee for graduates of the Reverse Migration training programme.

The company chooses skilled workers who are familiar with European labour standards and who as Africans are able to cope perfectly with the local conditions and the (work) mentality – it is crucial for the exchange of knowledge between nations.

Participation as a Company

Will we stay in contact?

As a company, there are many ways to benefit from the ideas and the service of Reverse Migration. If you decide to become a partner of Reverse Migration or perhaps want to know more about the possibilities, contact us.

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