Reverse Migration | Projects
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In response to the growing challenge in the field of return of asylum seekers to their home country different organisations and association projects are being developed. Reverse Migration is in constant talks and negotiations to provide efficient assistance. Here a current overview of projects we have started or in which we are involved:

Project SUPREM


  • Cooperation with ICMPD (International Centre for Migration Policy Development)
  • Project between Nigeria and Austria
  • Project duration: 2018 until mid-2019
  • To create a structural framework for private-public partnerships (PPPs) in Nigeria to promote the sustainable return and reintegration of illegally staying Nigerians in Nigeria
  • Financing: by the BM.I (Austrian Ministry of the Interior)
  • Participants: max. 30 Nigerians with no real chance to stay legally in Austria
  • Support: special trainings, assistance on the way back to the home country, permanent placement in Nigeria
  • Advantage for the partner companies: A specially convened task force supports Austrian and international companies that operate or want to invest in Nigeria. It brings together state actors from Nigeria and Austria as well as private sector representatives and guarantees support for a smooth implementation of the company in the Nigerian market. In addition, the company provides qualified workers in Nigeria who are already familiar with European labour standards.