Reverse Migration | FAQ
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1. What are the possibilities as a company to become part of the Reverse Migration Initiative?
Read here: Service for companies
Or contact us directly: CONTACT FORM

2. I want to expand to Africa and am also interested in the services of RM?
If you are looking into expanding to Africa, and want to use the services of RM, contact us here: CONTACT FORM

3. What are the steps I need to take to qualify as a project participant?
Read here: Service for asylum seekers
Or contact us directly: CONTACT FORM

4. Do I have the right to decide in the choice of vocational training?
Yes! When choosing your vocational training, it is important for us to consider both your
qualifications and your interests. Reverse Migration wants to help you build a secure future and
existence in your home country. We are convinced that pleasure while doing your job creates the best results.

5. What awaits me as a returnee back in my homeland?
Once you have completed the Reverse Migration training program, you can expect a guaranteed job, either in the company of training in Europe or in an industry-like business in which Reverse Migration has mediated for you.

6. What can I expect financially?
During the dual vocational training, the project covers accommodation and training costs as well as a monthly allowance. After successful completion of the vocational training, market-conform
salaries are paid by the employing company.

7. How can I donate?
Find out here about the various donation options: Link to the navigation bar Donate